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 Bitumen Price 
Bitumen Price November, 2021 

Bitumen Prices

Are affected by market demand and seasonal peak consumption.
The fluctuation of bitumen price is also due to issues such as:
Geopolitical tensions

Shipping regulations
Oil price
However, the most important factor is the amount of supply and demand.
Rising oil prices
Economic condition of the world
Road construction projects in different countries
The cost of shipping and containers
The high season
The bitumen brokerage
The prices of materials that can be used in bitumen industry, for example the rising of steel sheet price impacts on the drum of bitumen and generally affects the cost of bitumen.
If the price difference of the suppliers is less than 5 to 10$, the quality of the bitumen should be evaluated or it may be from an uncertain origin.

Price of Bitumen (such as Bulk Bitumen Price, New Steel Drum Bitumen Price or other packing type prices) is based on different objects, one of the most important elements on Bitumen Price is Crude Oil price.

Another element on the Bitumen Price is the Market Demand, market demand comes up from the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of each developing country. Every tender or requirement for Bitumen in countries needs well finance, so, the economic condition of countries has a direct effect on the demand and Bitumen Price.

In the end, Bitumen Package, Local transportation fee, National Holidays in Loading and Discharge Ports, type of Payment, and Sea freight besides the above mention items have a direct impact on the Bitumen Price We guaranteed the competitive bitumen price on our Exporting cargos. You can ask our team for the Price of Bitumen from the Inquiry page or send your request through email and mention Bitumen Package to get the best Bitumen Price by considering Prime Quality.

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We as the experienced and well-known Bitumen Supplier in the Middle East can operate and deliver any types of Bitumen with the best Bitumen Price and different types of Bitumen Packing and other Petrochemical products based on FOB, CFR, CPT, EXW, and CIF terms. As our commitment, we provide all necessary export documents required by International Banks and customs at the Discharge Port.

The continued rally in crude values helped to lift bitumen prices across much of Europe and Asia-Pacific, while tight supply and firmer demand also helped to boost the market.

Domestic and cross-border truck export prices rose sharply in key northwest and central European markets, driven by the recent surge in crude and fuel oil prices, as well as by tighter refinery supply.

Construction activity was still slow in many markets in northern and central Europe, but rates of project work were steadily rising after the winter lull. In the Mediterranean Greek and Spanish cargo premiums to high-sulphur fuel oil (HSFO) were assessed slightly higher, while Italian values remained steady. In domestic markets, outright prices jumped, supported by rallying crude and HSFO.

Despite global trends of oil price which has experienced a sharp decrease in the early hours of today, vacuum bottom price has reached the highest price of its history to almost ( approximately 420 $) which leads to higher bitumen price.

Although the US dollar exchange rate has gone up during the last week, the effect of VB's rising price will impact the final price of bitumen.

Hence, it seems we will witness higher prices in the following days. Unless Bandar Abbas's refinery increases VB production after the overhaul operations that due to the new rules of the domestic market (bartering bitumen) seems unlikely.

All in all, this situation has made it too difficult to make new deals in different shapes including bulk, drum, or jumbo bags with other countries except India these days.

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